Episode #021

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This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are boiling in the home theater goodness

Vizio sold to LeEco

  • $2 Billion
  • Will be operated as wholly owned subsidiary
  • Inscape data business to be spun off into privately owned company led by Vizio CEO William Wang
  • Deal expected to wrap up later this year

@FmHolty noted Vizio HDR10 update

Color gamuts explained

Brian seeks a 3D audio upgrade

@Aiden_deJong's looking to drive 4-ohm speakers

Keep pets cool and hydrated

@KenKobra asks 2K OLED or 4K LCD

  • OLED contrast > pixel count
  • Great TVs at great prices

David K wants widescreen cinema

Thank you!

Samsung KS9800 Update

  • Full array local dimming
  • 1300+ nits peak brightness
  • New UI + IoT functionality

More 4K Olympics

Thank you

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Recorded July 28, 2016