Episode #029


Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are maximizing the home theater goodness

Our Patreon supporters make AVexcel possible, and we thank every one of them

The guys are (finally) back

What excites your senses

  • Domestic bliss
  • Mayhem in moderation
  • Less Mad Max in Bay Area

Speaker acceptance factor

Full-bore 3D sound setup

We want your questions ask@avexcel.com

Two Patreon Hangouts down + many more to come

Brian aka @neccros Tweeted a need for Class-T amplification

HDMI Follow-up

Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) Follow-up

  • Not 'no metadata', but a scene-referred signal
  • For live production, not stuff on discs/streaming
  • Some 4K projectors support HLG now

Favorite Blu-ray/4K/Streaming

Transducers for all the LFE

Thank you

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Recorded November 23, 2016