Episode 32

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are celebrating the home theater goodness

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So many good things

Robert's regular eye exam

Listen for life

ELAC Element Series EA101EQ-G

  • Integrated amp
  • DSP room correction

Tying it up

Panasonic doing UHD Blu-ray right

New LG laser projector

  • ProBeam smart projector
  • 2000 lumens, 1080p
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, apps, sim design
  • Price/details at CES
  • Looking for an ATSC tuner

HDMI 2.1 at CES 2017

  • Adds HDR10 dynamic metadata
  • Many unknowns
  • DisplayPort FTW

Sling AirTV Player

Value graphics card upgrade

4K UHD HDMI Switch in-hand

What we're watchin'

Audience Q&A

@Kido1986 needs a Blu-ray to show off new gear

One last thought

Thank you

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Recorded on December 21, 2016