Episode 33

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are still celebrating the home theater goodness

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Recent doings

RIP Carrie Fisher

HandBrake v1.0.0 arrives

Great Blu-ray gear

Improving speech comprehension

  • IEEE article
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • OSU researchers training neural networks
  • 'Classifier' recovers desired sound
  • The "cocktail party" problem
  • Huge improvements
  • Next gen: adaptive learning

Here comes (pre) CES

Chris from Calgary's timing Atmos

@StaggeredSix tweets crew support

For the love of a bucket of burgers

Evan tweeted a stack

  • Sub affecting hard drives
    • We guess no problemo
  • Heat is some concern

Hsu Research

Josh from NJ is moving toward projection

Bob's home theater toddler

Boe's tweeting for DAC/AMP

Tyler brings 4K UHD BD PC playback clarity

About that intro...

Thank you

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Recorded on December 28, 2016