AVexcel - Episode 38

Recorded on March 7, 2017 

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are listening to the home theater goodness 

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Exciting the senses

Pat's electrostatic adventures

AV 101: Electrostatic loudspeaker


  • Sound-base design
  • ~2.3 inches high
  • 10 speakers
    • Class D drivers for each
    • 6 mids
    • 3 tweeters
    • 1 sub
  • $700

LG W7 Wallpaper OLED

  • An all around better OLED
  • Superb HD reproduction
  • New 2-pt HDR calibration
  • ~20ms HDR game mode
  • 65-/77-inches

And then some...

What we're watching

Gaming goodness

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