Episode #017

Welcome to episode 017 of the AVexcel podcast

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This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are shiny with the home theater goodness

For the love of headphones

But first, a summary...

New Blu-ray movies this week

Wirecutter's Best Soundbars

Connect with us

Top 2016 Smart TV Platforms

Gregg wants a UHD BD Player

Ron asks what's up with Vizio + HDR10

  • Service rep said no HDR10 coming
  • Vizio CTO: "...sometime later this Summer..."
  • Robert's take: ain't happening
  • No HDR10 = no UHD Blu-ray
  • Samsung KS8000 = worthy alternative

The random

Bo's eyeing SpectraCal's MobileForge app

Thomas likes LG's LED projector

Quantum Dot-ery


  • Comparing to the competition

Going long...for home theater love


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Recorded June 16, 2016