AVexcel - Episode 39

Recorded on March 14, 2017 

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are returning to the home theater goodness 

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Great 2017 TVs Arrive

AV101: bi-wiring

  • Each speaker gets its own amp wire
  • Not bi-amping

Pat's speaker doings

Great questions

Viewing doings

Thank you

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Episode #003

We've crushed our first Patreon Milestone Goal, and it's all thanks to the support of our awesome fans!

For AVexcel Episode #003, Robert and Patrick dive into:

  • Roku 4 - tested and reviewed
  • Sharp LE653U TV - tested and reviewed
  • Vizio Reference Series - Dolby Vision for the masses
  • New 1080p OLED TV = Even better value
  • A great LED projector reviewed
  • Amazon vs Google/Apple - video streaming showdown
  • Hulu's almost ad-free option
  • EFF - a fair use update

And, much more!  Please join us!

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Recording date: October 29, 2015