Episode #027


Patrick Norton and Robert Heron have returned for more home theater goodness

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The guys are (finally) back

  • Adventures and shoveling dirt
  • More Patreon Hangouts

Shop smarter every day

  • Black/Cyber/<insert name> <insert day(s)>
  • @snubs shopping laws
    • Know what you want
    • Know what it's priced at
    • Know what a real sale is

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Adventures in China + Hong Kong

  • 14,700+ miles/14 days
  • Planes, trains, cars, buses, foot
  • Hisense in Qingdao
    • Traffic automation masters
    • R&D facility
    • Assembly
    • (Destructive) testing
    • Subjective/objective analysis
    • RF/Anechoic chamber
    • Laser Cast TV
      • 4K DLP short throw laser
      • Screen is the key
      • See it in action at CES
      • ~$10K retail price
  • H8C Series TV out now
  • HDR H10C soon
  • Watching cell phones being born
  • Nantong...Shenzhen...Beijing
  • Kowloon/Hong Kong
    • Great public transit
    • No VPN needed
  • Powerplug adapter to rule them all
  • USB power pack
  • Travel more
  • Air quality concerns
  • N95 and P95 filtering recommended

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Recorded on November 14, 2016