Episode #023

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This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are smiling at the home theater goodness

Robert is Olympic-ed out

  • Awaiting live 4K/UHD/WCG

Off the record

  • "Listened to your Olympics show. All the content is archived in full recorded resolution on Spectra Logic tape libraries. You didn't get this from me."
  • Other clients
    • National Geographic
    • NBC
  • Robots manage our growing archives
  • NAS = Networked Attached Storage
  • Backblaze hard drive stats

Intel Developer Forum

  • Kaby Lake CPUs 4K ready
    • Native HDCP 2.2 support
    • HEVC Main10/10-bit
    • VP9 10-bit video decoding
  • Pat playing Overwatch on Intel graphics
  • Project Alloy VR platform

Best seat in the room

  • Southern Motion theater seating
    • Power headrests
    • Fold down drink tables
    • USB charging
    • “multimedia sofas”
  • What's your movie/TV seat of choice
  • Pat's spousal acceptance factor
  • Robert's 4K office chair

Enterprise Home Theater

Archiving Blu-rays

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HDMI cables for everyone

Evan has pixel shift concerns

@ajsmith tweets, “Any network ever broadcast live in 1080P? Are we going to compressed 4K first?”

  • Neulion’s 4K60 UFC 200 fight was the best we've seen so far
  • Broadcasters use 1080i as it converts nicely into 1080p30
  • 24p movies in 1080i film processed into original 1080p24
  • 1080p60 live streaming is doable today
  • ATSC 3.0 before we see much 4K live action

New Blu-ray Movies

Tim's tl;dr

Talking to the TV

8 vs. 4 Ohm

  • Pete encourages more experimentation
  • Use a good amp
  • THD can go up as resistance drops
  • Run speakers "small"
  • LFE to the sub

Robert’s crazy calibration week

  • Pro monitor LUT generation
  • Pro-tip: reset display to widest color gamut before doing LUT
  • OLED’s separate calibration for HD/HDR10/Dolby Vision
  • The KS9800 leaves the building
    • Impressed; yearning yet for more
    • 2015 JS9500 still a great TV
  • FlatpanelsHD’s Dolby Vision FAQ

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Recorded August 26, 2016