AVexcel - Episode 79


Recorded on May 3, 2018. 
Hosts: Patrick Norton and Robert Heron 

The rundown: 
  - May 4th festivities
  - Tuning room sound
  - Affordable speaker cable options
  - Big TV bargains
  - Budget AVR upgrade
  - Drop-down TV mounts
  - ATSC 3.0 follow-up
  - Your excellent feedback & questions 

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AVexcel - Episode 40

Recorded on May 4, 2017 

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are nurturing the home theater goodness 

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Time to double-check the levels

May the 4th be with you

Bandwidth sucking neighbors

  • A good network helps
  • Better CPUs on UHD streamers
  • The beauty of discs

Patrick's MiniDSP project

  • Creating sub-channel from stereo source

Vizio is Vizio again

So many lumens

Scott's in search of a great $500 TV

Pat's interview preview

What we’re watching

Thank you

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Episode #014

Welcome to episode 014 of the AVexcel podcast

Our Patreon supporters make AVexcel possible, and every bit helps

This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron flow with the home theater goodness

May the 4th (be with you)

4K doings

More eye candy

55-inch showdown: 1080p vs 4K at 9-feet

Blockers & VPNs

@thomassully wants to enjoy HD audio on an iPad

Comcast relaxes data caps (for some)

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Recording date: May 4, 2016