AVexcel - Episode 56

Recorded on September 14, 2017. 

Hosts: Patrick Norton and Robert Heron 

The rundown: 
  - Apple TV goes 4K
  - CEDIA 2017 roundup
  - New laser projectors
  - Sweet looking screens
  - Superb speakers for all
  - Useful AV gear
  - Cordcutting grows
  - Your excellent feedback & questions 

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Episode #008

Welcome to episode 008 of the AVexcel podcast

Our show grows through audience support, and every bit helps

This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are enveloped in home theater goodness

HBO's Vinyl
Hosko's lens cleaning rules

PC cleaning must-haves

Protect your investment

1080p TV deals are vanishing

Get your 4K on (now)

Keith's TV doesn't decode the VP9 codec

Send us your questions ask@avexcel.com

Richard is curious about SiliconDust tuners

AV calibration training

Tom asks if it's OK to copy calibration settings

Luxury headphones

A great week for new Blu-ray releases

Rotten Tomatoes purchased by Fandango

Ron wants the best streaming service

Chris wonders why his gear freezes/crashes

  • Simplify setup to one device
  • Line conditioners for clean power

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Recording date: February 22, 2016