Episode #025

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This week Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are catching the home theater goodness

Warm 4K fuzzies

  • Dearth, or not
  • Not so much wide-color/HDR

Speaking of Netflix 4K

New 4K Rokus

OLED is looking good

DisplayMate impressed with iPhone 7

  • Brightest display tech
  • Lowest reflectance
  • Superb Rec. 709/DCI color accuracy
  • "Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect"

Comcast X1 DVR getting Netflix

The lack of UHD PC monitors w/HDR


Monoprice Monolith Line

PlayStation 4 Updates

Michael NotMike asked via Facebook if we know why there aren't more UHD BD players

We love Projector Central

seerpea asks about more HDR content

  • Wants more classics
  • Film has HDR potential
  • Financial incentives

Robert’s Comcastic adventures

  • @comcastcares on Twitter saves day
  • Replaced modem/router - both were fine
  • Line to house was culprit

What we're watching

  • Classic Star Trek on Netflix
  • Blu-ray goodness
  • Marco Polo
  • Captain America: Civil War

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Recorded September 26, 2016