AVexcel - Episode 85


Recorded on July 5, 2018. 
Hosts: Patrick Norton and Robert Heron 

The rundown: 
  - Add a shelf to your TV
  - Netflix ULTRA
  - Samsung TVs going FreeSync
  - All about the nits
  - Google Home in Home Theater
  - HDR10+ compatibility
  - Pat's 'Brass Against' obsession
  - What we're watching
  - Your excellent feedback & questions 

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Episode 35

Patrick Norton and Robert Heron are recompiling the home theater goodness

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Patrick's pumped for projection

Plasma TV upgrade

  • B6 OLED or KS8000 LCD
  • Image quality above all else
    • OLED's epic contrast
      • Viewing angles
  • Protect investment
    • Safe extraction
    • Secure installation
    • Wall mount
    • Check for extra warranty

Disc doings

AV extravaganza

Elevating speakers

Charles M seeks a good 4K HDR HDMI cable

Mike desires easy Atmos

LG adds HDR Game Mode

Blu-ray favs this week


  • Hisense H8C
  • Nanosys not owned by Samsung
    • Private company w/strategic partnerships
  • HDR clarity

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Recorded on January 31, 2017